Talented & Gifted in Sport

Talented & Gifted in Sport (TAGS) is a initiative with the aim of engaging children in sport, unearthing new talent and supporting them to maximise their potential. 

We provide opportunities at every stage of your child's development ensuring sessions are FUN, inclusive, differentiated, challenging and progressive to bring out the best of their ability.

From developing physical literacy and fundamental skills in our Play Gym, to athlete profiling pupils in schools, coaching talented players on our holiday camps, to supporting our elite athletes in workshops and through to Academies and scholarships there really is something for every child.


Our local sports camps, every half-term, give TAGS athletes exposure to academy coaches across a range of sports and athlete profile every child to inform them of their current strengths and areas for improvement.

Our hugely experienced and talented coaches work alongside professional club academies, across Yorkshire, to bring the best out of most the exciting young talent.


0 - 4 Years

Our fantastic new Play Gym in the heart of Hebden Bridge provides an amazing, safe environment for children to explore and learn the Fundamentals of Movement and develop their physical literacy.


TAGS PLAYGYM aims to provide affordable, accessible Play Gym, creche and playgroup opportunities and give 1 to 4-year olds the best “active start” possible. 


Physical Activity Guidelines for children under 5s stipulates everyone should physically active daily for at least 180 minutes, throughout the day and all should minimise the amount of time spent being sedentary.


4 - 7 Years

Our dedicated TAGS TOTS Camps and sessions are on offer either in our new Play Gym, in schools, on camp or in the holidays. 


These opportunities offer children the chance to develop their movement and sports skills through structured or unstructured free play and be introduced to early specialisation sports pathways.

FUN, multi-sport modified games to support athlete development will allow all children the opportunity to develop fundamental movemenet skills such as running, jumping, throwing, hopping, skipping, turning , catching and kicking.


Children will then progress onto fundamental sports skills and engage in Net/Wall (i.e. Tennis, Badminton), Invasion (i.e. Football), Striking & Fielding (i.e. Cricket) and Athletics activities



7 - 12 Years

The TAGS Camps offer a unique opportunity to a select group of young athletes.


2,500 young athletes, aged 4-14 from schools across Yorkshire, have so far attended one of the 22 Camps with over 250 being "TAGGED" and progressed into professional sports pathways!

We currently run camps in Bradford, Halifax and Keighley and are looking to expand across Yorkshire in the coming months.

We are also fully aware that there are many more talented athletes out there!


If you have represented your school team and/or play for a club, took part in the School Games  who demonstrate high levels of performance and sportsmanship on and off the field this programme is designed for you!




8 - 14 Years

COLUMNS is an acronym for Confidence, One to One Support, Lifestyle, Understanding yourself, Mentoring, Nature vs nurture and Strength and conditioning.support package we will be delivering to support your child.

COLUMNS with work with with your child to personalise our support and allow them to maximise their potential.

A series of full day workshops, filled with amazing sport, FUN with friends, the chance to be learn about yourself, set yourself goals, have a personalised strength and conditioning plan set for you, learn about your body type, brain training, mentoring support and so much more all on your doorstep!





6 - 16 Years

TAGS are extremely fortunate and grateful to be able to deliver work in partnership with numerous professional and local sports clubs Academies.


These academies to not only offer some amazing coaching on Camp but also have identified dozens of athletes and invited them into their sporting pathways.


Could your child be the next big star?



14 - 18 Years

TAGS are developing partnerships with national and international partners to help progress athletes to the very pinnacle of their sport.

From Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (TASS), to UK Sport, to College Scholarships abroad TAGS is leaving no stone unturned.




Throughout the Camp week athletes are tested and profiled on the fitness components in the below illustration.

Performances such as times, distances and levels are then turned into TAGS points.  If you achieve a total number of points above the threshold, for your particular age and gender, you are awarded a much sought after TAGS medal




TAGS are extremely fortunate and grateful to be able to deliver our Camps, workshops, clinics and sessions in some of the best facilities in the country.


We work with facilities in Bradford, Halifax and Keighley currently with more opening all of the time.