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Chilren During Physical Education Lesson

“My son has a thoroughly enjoyable time at the camp and felt he was able to improve a lot of his skills. He also had the opportunity to make many new friends.”

“It's made my child open to trying new and different sports. It has helped to increase self-confidence within sporting activities. Encouraged my child to take up netball.

Children's Race
Happy Twins

“Both my children were so enthusiastic to go each day, the camp gave them the opportunity to try things they'd not done before, to push themselves to see what they are capable of and build their confidence.”

“Team ethos between the children, great range of sports, lots of interest for the children and supportive environment for them to grow and improve”

Cricket Coaching 2.jpg
Young Gymnast

Now more confident in her sporting abilities. Renewed interest in gymnastics, New interest in cricket.


Realisation of where strengths lie and acceptance that you can't be good at everything and everybody has strengths in different aspects of sport.”

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