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Happy Jumps


0 Years - Pre-school

TAGS are delighted to introduce you to Tumble TAGS

Through morning weekly sessions full of fun activities, individual skills and personal challenges we aim to develop their FUNdamentals of movement and improve physical literacy.

Ages: Walkers - 3 years

Limited places available.

It’s the perfect way to ignite an enthusiasm for sport that will stay with them for life.

​Our progressive play programme of Locomotion, Manipulation and Stabilisation, is designed to develop your child’s physical skills. Using colourful equipment, we will focus on agility, balance, climbing, strength and co-ordination, which enhances brain development and builds confidence.

Every session is lead by our qualified coaches/staff, getting the best out of each child.


Parents, carers and even grandparents can join in if you like so you spend time with your little ones as they develop.


We can't wait to get started 

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