Supporting our Talented Athletes

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to use it.”



A series of full day workshops, filled with amazing sport, FUN with friends, the chance to be learn about yourself, set yourself goals, have a personalised strength and conditioning plan set for you, learn about your body type, brain training, mentoring support and so much more all on your doorstep!


COLUMNS is an acronym for the following support package we will be delivering over 7 (monthly) dates to support your child.

Confidence building

No matter the skill level, confidence can make all the difference on the court or playing field (or in everyday life). While a lack of confidence can have a devastating effect, faith and assurance in their ability can take a young athlete's game to the next level. When they feel confident, they play harder and better, but just like physical skills, confidence is something that requires practice.


One to one support

Individual and group sessions (Practical & Theory) which will offer a range of support planning tools for you to work with, in order to identify your personal strengths, goals and methods of achieving these.


Adequate rest and recovery time are crucial for every athlete, which means you need to learn to strike a balance in your schedule. Keeping a training log is a good idea, record how often you train and how frequently you experience fatigue.  Balancing friends, school, social media, homework and sport can be difficult.

Understanding You

Body composition is important in nearly every sport, but different sports have vastly different ideal body compositions. Even if athletes are skilled and in good physical shape, improper body composition can drastically lower their effectiveness at a given sport.

Mentoring support

Most people attribute a large portion of their success in life to having someone who helped guide them along the way. It is believed that having a positive role model such as a mentor helps in developing interpersonal skills, increasing self-confidence, community involvement, and teaches valuable skills such as goal-setting and decision-making which improve performance.

Nurturing talent

We believe applying the “nurture nature” thinking is imperative for maximising the potential of a young athlete, particularly when it comes to practice.

Strength & conditioning

Strength and Conditioning plays an important role in building robust athletes. It can reduce the risk of injury brought on by the physical demands of sport training while developing the physical characteristics that support an individual’s long term athletic development.