0 - 5 Years

TAGS are delighted to introduce you to our brand new Play Gym in the heart of gorgeous Hebden Bridge

Our Play Gym is a creative, joyful and energetic play space for children of all ages.


Let the kids imagination run wild through creative play in free play drop in sessions and/or an assortment of structured classes.


*Subject to Government Approval


3 - 6 Years

Our dedicated TAGS TOTS Camps and sessions are on offer either in our new Play Gym, in schools, on camp or in the holidays. 


These opportunities offer children the chance to develop their movement and sports skills through structured or unstructured free play and be introduced to early specialisation sports pathways.

FUN, multi-sport modified games to support athlete development will allow all children the opportunity to develop fundamental movemenet skills such as running, jumping, throwing, hopping, skipping, turning , catching and kicking.


Children will then progress onto fundamental sports skills and engage in Net/Wall (i.e. Tennis, Badminton), Invasion (i.e. Football), Striking & Fielding (i.e. Cricket) and Athletics activities